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CakeGuard can be used to cover any shape of cake, cupcakes, or pastry -


and larger cakes can be covered by placing more than one CakeGuard side by side


graphic perspective image of CakeGuard with candles and support posts

Unique in the marketplace!


We are the first company to

bring this product to market



Avoid contaminating that Cake !




By using CakeGuard you can, for the first time, protect your celebration cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and other edible treats from the usual contaminants that always accompany the activity of lighting candles on a cake and blowing them out in celebration of a happy occasion candle drippings, saliva and germs no longer need to be a part of the celebration by using CakeGuard at your next celebration.

Package Contents -

One (1) CakeGuardTM

(size 10x14)

and Six (6) support posts

CakeGuard logophoto of packaged CakeGuard

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