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CakeGuardTM  Industries, LLC is a woman-owned company that produces a unique new product created to protect cakes and other pastries from the contaminants associated with celebrations involving the placing and lighting of candles and the act of blowing out the flames.


In these days and times, when we are concerned for our health and safety, we cannot be too conscientious in taking the extra steps believed to be necessary in protecting our health and the health and well being of our friends and the people we love.


The product CakeGuardTM is made using materials and packaging purchased from suppliers and manufacturers located in the United States.


CakeGuardTM can be used to protect any size or shape cake without need to use another container for support. It is completely transparent to allow an unobstructed view of the decorated celebration cake and holds up to 35, of any common size celebration candles,  in cavities that are conveniently arranged to also provide for the graphic (digital numeric) display of  the age of any celebrant being honored—from age 1 to greater than age 100!  (see the How to Use  page for illustration of suggested candle placement).


Finally — CakeGuardTM is here!


Protect the cake! Avoid having to use the cake container or other cake packaging as part of the decoration of the cake! Prevent the drips of wax and other candle residue from falling on the cake during the candle lighting! Prevent the spit, saliva, and other breath contaminants expelled during the blowing out of the candle flames from being deposited on the cake that all the gathered celebrants are expected to consume.

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