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Contents—One (1), Size 10x14, with

                 Six (6) support posts

Product Summary:

Retail Price:    $ 7.99 each !

(plus shipping and handling)

Item #001044

photo of packaged CakeGuard

How to Use

CakeGuard logo

Have your candles arranged & ready to light before

you bring out the cake !



   Directions for Use:          Suggested Candle sizes: 


1. Open package and remove CakeGuard and posts. Cut posts to desired equal lengths to support CakeGuard above surface of cake.


2. Place cut posts securely over any of ,at least ,3 or 4 of the projections on underside of  CakeGuard , turn upright and insert  CakeGuard with  posts into cake.


3. Place candles into CakeGuard either using the number of candles to represent age up to 35 years or by arranging candles to graphically represent age. (see picture – age ‘44’).









4. Light candles, make a wish, and let the celebration begin !


5. Be sure to blow out candles before the flame reaches the surface of CakeGuard and, Please remember:


    Never leave lit candles unattended !


6. After candles are blown out the entire  CakeGuard, with candles and posts, can be removed together. Be sure candles are completely extinguished before disposing or setting aside to clean for future re-use. You can now cut your cake immediately      



                                  No wait! – No mess!



May be reused - Simply wipe clean or hand wash and dry - May be placed on top shelf in dishwasher to clean - May be placed in freezer to remove excess wax

graphic illustration of CakeGuard with candles placed in digital arrangement to represent the age '44'

Remember to make a Wish for Peace !